About Us

I have been keeping animals from an early age. I have kept and sometimes bred lots of different animals. I have bred fancy dogs in the early 90s when I was in the US in my high school days. I also kept and bred large and mutation parrots since mid-2003, such as African Greys, Amazon parrots, macaws, as well as smaller birds and their mutations. I was the first one in the UK that had the blue mutation of the Yellow-napped Amazon parrot. The list goes on... rabbits, cats when in my early teens, lions and cheetahs in 1998-2001 as well as keeping parrots in the UK and Burmese pythons in my farm in the Middle East, which are still kept there now.

Some time ago I understood myself to be very good with breeding any type of animals. Then I got into reptiles in a big way in 2007, when I started breeding Indian Star Tortoises. I had wanted to go for snakes but did not have the time or space. Then in late 2009 I got my first Royal Python (albino male). As all beginners I had no information or experience with Royal Pythons, and sadly I lost that male. Luckily I have a friend who helped me know more about them, and now I keep and breed them professionally.

I also want to thank all my good friends who have helped me in knowing more about these great animals, like Darren Biggs of Crystal Palace Reptiles, Stuart Worth of Euro Rep. They helped enormously in my hobby.

We use vision racks with all our snakes. My friend Stuart supplies them. We feed our animals mice, rats and up to rabbits.

Thank you for taking the time for reading.

Mohamed Albazzaz